Chimney Fire Damage…


Heat discolouration


Just a few shots of an extracted flexible flue liner that had a chimney fire burning in it for 45 minutes. Although intact, the flue has had to endure some intense temperatures. This can been seen from the different colours that have formed on the out surface of the liner. The colours approximately correlate to temperatures form 290C or the pale yellow colour up to 540c for the blue and 600C for the dark blue.

As a result the flue had to be removed and replaced as it had endured heat way above what it was designed to handle.

The chimney fire occurred due to a large tar deposits forming the flue and eventually combusting. The client had been burning large amounts of unseasoned timber for 12 months whilst slumbering the stove 24 hours a day. To top it off they had not had the flue swept in that 12 month duration.

To avoid this potentially dangerous scenario and costly resolution please feel free to give us a call to discuss your chimney sweeping needs