What to expect

Will there be any mess?

The short answer is no.

We are trained in sweeping best practices, which ensure that soot does not escape into the room during the sweeping process.

What should I prepare before your arrival?

Please remove ornaments, vases, etc from the hearth and surrounding mantels prior to our arrival, and ensure that there is a clear path to the working area in front of the fireplace or appliance.

Please ensure the appliance or fireplace is not in use, and has had a minimum of 24 hours to cool, this is particularly important with Rayburn or Aga appliances.

How long will it take?

On average it will take approximately 30 to 40 minutes to carry out the sweeping process from start to finish. However on rare occasions when there is a large inglenook to clear or there is an obstruction in the chimney such as a birds nest, it may take additional time, which is chargeable. Please see services and prices page.